Old World

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Created by French Chocolatiers Nicolas Bateau & Cyril Borie from the city of Bayonne, deep in the Basque Country, and well revered as the chocolate capital of France, this is an exceptionally artisan hot choc mix, designed to time-travel you back to the hard core chocolate comfort of the Old World.


  • Combine 2 soup spoons of the choc mix with 2 soup spoons of milk in a saucepan / small pot.
  • Bring to a simmer over a medium heat, stirring regularly until steaming.
  • Continue to add milk to achieve your preferred consistency.

 Serve & sit back, but most importantly, Savour Every Sip.

Ingredients ; Pure Cocoa powder, sugar, dark chocolate, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, Milk. Allergins ; This product may contain milk, nuts & traces of soya.

  • We proudly ship this Hot Choc in 100% BIODEGRADABLE Poly Mailing Bags, and these are furthermore eco-friendly by also being recyclable.

Each pouch contains 180g of hot chocolate mix.