This is our why.

Visitors to our store may have an expectation and appreciation for the high standards of Malahide, to be upheld in Malahide Village products.

Our WHY is better explained backwards !

To solve gifting dilemmas, we have to keep ensuring that our gift boxes comprise only of 100% Luxurious items. To do that, we continually research & test products proposed to us by artisan creators. If products are determined by us to be amazing and on-brand with our Necessary Luxury culture, then we collaborate.  Multiple collaborations are enabling us to refresh and add new gift solutions every week. These actions help us to win and make happy customers, and those customers make more happy customers. That's our WHY.

When we first launched our catalog with just a coffee, it was never going to be just “another coffee.” The recipe ‘we adopted, coupled with specific breeds of cherries, has ensured that our blends are uniquely smooth in texture, giving you, the consumer, a luxurious experience which is very different to the norm. It takes a long time to properly soften cherries ... (Probably longer than is may be commercially viable for the big coffee co's). We have them cooled, then massaged, rolled and sweated. Rinsing and repeating the process (plus a little bit more in the recipe), eventually arrives us at our super smooth-textured brews.

Items since added to the store have their own uniquely luxurious attributes…the mouse mat, with its uncommon half a centimetre of soft thickness, the super-sized hardwood large coffee coasters, the long burning candles…etc. Every product which we sell has its own uniquely luxurious attribute.

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