Tips for making a luxurious brew.

Malahide Village coffees have uncommonly soft textures, so it’s very much worth your while to take the few extra seconds, to mouth-swirl & savour each sip.

 1. Two-three LEVEL dessert spoons, through either a filter apparatus or a plunger cafetiere, will make an ideal mid-strength Mug. Half ‘that measure for a Cup.
 2. If brewing in a French Press / Plunger / Cafetiere, allow to set for 2-3 mins ONLY.
 3. Setting for more than 4 or more mins can significantly risk a situation called over-extraction, meaning the primary flavours will have already exhausted from the grains, and you’re tipping your brew into the chemical space of Acidity & increasing Bitterness.
 4. Boiling water Kills …. 92-96 degrees is all that’s required. Let your kettle go off the boil for a couple of minutes before brewing.
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