Tips for making a luxurious brew.

How to make your luxurious coffee

  1. To brew each mid-strength Mug of Malahide Village coffee to its ideal textural state, requires just two-three LEVEL dessert spoons of ground coffee, through either a filter apparatus or deposited into a plunger cafetiere / French press. Only half of that measure is required to make each Cup. (If in doubt, make it stronger….no army marches on brown water).
  1. When brewing in a French Press / Plunger / Cafetiere, allow to set for 2-3 mins ONLY.
  1. Fun Fact ; Allowing to set for 4 or more minutes increases the risk a situation called over-extraction, meaning that the primary flavours will have already exhausted from the grains, and you’re tipping your brew into the chemical space of acidity & increasing bitterness. (If you prefer for your brew to taste stronger, increase the volume of grain, but NOT the brewing time).
  1. We achieve the signature soft texture of our coffees by a process in which we sweat luxury cherries for an uncommonly long time, but NOT at a commonly high temperature. Very hot things kill !
  1. Boiling water Kills too … To make you ideal brew, a water temperature of 92-96 degrees is all that’s required for your coffee grains to bloom and release their flavour. The ceremony of making a luxury coffee is unquestionably worth the wait, so let that kettle go off the boil for a couple of minutes before brewing.
  1. You’ve conquered it when you’re indulging the few extra seconds of mouth-swirling, to savour the taste and texture of each sip of your brew. THAT is the difference between over-roasted fast coffee and the cosily smooth feelings evoked by Luxury coffee !


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