Why it's worth waiting...


We have to take our time, tying taste into a very soft textural experience.


Oh, it takes a long time, but we've innovated a style of recipe that softens the brew of premium coffee cherries, and which makes Texture our calling card .
The process first involves cooling the cherries, and then sweating them for a long, but precise length of time, at quite a cool temperature relative to other coffee roasting practices. This process is also repeated to varying degrees, and the Lower & Slower method also ensures an unburnt flavour capture, ready for release, when you are. 
The recipe also requires for the resting of the cherries in between the myriad of temperature processes, but just like a fine wine, the end result is most definitely worth the wait.
Softness is the luxurious standout characteristic which you'll notice first when tasting the blends. Take an extra second to savour with a mouth-swirl, and the flavours will follow.
Make it, don’t bake it.

Whilst our blends are beautifully soft and tasty through an espresso machine, we’ve found that it peculates even better, when allowed to set in a French Press / Plunger / Cafetiere, for 2-3 minutes.
Three / four LEVEL dessert spoons of either blend, will make an large Mug size… Half ‘that measure for a Cup.
Boiling water Kills …. 92-96 degrees is all that’s required. Let your kettle go off the boil for a couple of minutes before brewing…
Warning ; Allowing coffees to set for more than 4/5 mins can significantly risk a situation called over-extraction, meaning the primary flavours will have already exhausted from the grains, and you’re tipping your brew into the chemical space of Acidity & increasing Bitterness.
Have no shame … This is a luxury experience, so go ahead, dunk your biscuits.
Have a lot of great days, and savour every sip.