Artisan Collaborate

Thank you for considering the potential showcasing of your product(s) in our Gift Hampers. If your Artisan product(s) are of a Very High Standard, Local, Luxurious and can Fit into our Gift Hamper vessels, you might Benefit as follows ;
  • Increased *ideal target audience reach for your business. *Buyers of our gift hampers know their recipients tastes, so your product is highly likely to be received by your ideal potential future customer.
  • You remain the sole beneficiary of ALL resulting after-sales of Your products.
  • Gift Hampers can include one item of Your promotional material … such as laminate A4 page / folding menu, promoting Your story, Your company, Your products and Your brand.
  • Your brand strengthening by virtue of associating / cousin-ing with similarly high-quality goods within our Gift Hampers
  • An association of being on-brand with Malahide Village … Integrity, Strength, and Necessary Luxury.
For full sight of the fast and easy terms & conditions of collaborating with us, just request through Contact us, and we’ll be straight back to you.