About Malahide Village

Situated on the coast, 12km North East of Dublin city in Ireland, Malahide is where I was born, bred, and still reside. No matter where you go in the World, anybody who knows of Ireland, invariably knows of Malahide with its famous postcard worthy amenities, famous residents, and famous Community Spirit. It’s like a desert oasis, where residents might never need to leave for anything, because every type of retail offering, and almost every type of sports facility known to man and woman, is here

To recreate and spread a little bit of the Malahide spirit we're launching the Malahide Village collection firstly with a luxury coffee, and then adding other luxurious goods and gifting solutions to the range.

Brand, and staying on-brand.

Having MalahideVillage.com as the brand carrier, comes with an extraordinary sense of duty to convey and uphold the high standards for which Malahide is so well known. Mindful of this, I’ve been very careful and super diligent, in first and foremost, determining the luxuriously soft coffee cherries that Malahide Village and its inhabitants, can be forever proud of.

I wanted an extension to the Parent brand of Malahide Village for our 1st born, the luxury coffee, and for that to depict a child of the Village, whilst also echoing the experience ‘customers would have during their engagement with the brew.

Throughout tastings, family and friends were encouraged to indulge in mouth-swirling, to savour the flavours and the standout texture of the coffee. I noted their expressions, as well as how they frequently articulated a repeatedly surprised satisfaction. 

The very common reaction was a very pleasant “Oh, it's very soft textured"  So there you have it…. very the very Smooth Textured Coffees of Malahide Village Oh were born.


Probably just like you, I’ve tasted hundreds of different coffee blends over the years, and hopefully, without becoming a cliché coffee snob, I have developed an appreciation of really great coffees, and in particular, what makes them.

You won't be surprised to hear that a great coffee balances on the two precarious pillars of Recipe and Bean. The signature texture of Oh coffees result from a cooking process which sweats luxury coffee cherries at a relatively cool temperature, as well as for, a very long time. This Lower & Slower method enables the unburnt flavour capture, postponing its eventual release for where it should be… Your own home kitchen.

Texture & Flavour

Smooth X is medium strength brew holding notes of fruity mandarin and occasionally evoking a milk caramel aroma, depending on its concentration. It presents with a medium body and bright acidity, a key characteristic of its flavour. 

Smooth X.

A very small farm in a mountainous area called Vianí, in the Province of Magdalena, in the coffee Country of Columbia.

“Viani” comes from a tribal language meaning Golden Summit and cherries in this area can literally pulsate with its microclimate of temperature extremes, the end result of which, is a very high level of endurance and flavour retention, beneath the cherry husk.


Solid bodied in texture, and grown at a still dizzy altitude of 1450 meters, the Kick has an initial kick in its dance, and then savour a few seconds to find notes of chocolate and summer citrus fruits. This cherry’s origin is the Huehuetenango region of Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes in the South-Western region of Guatemala. 

Bonus ... Owing to their softness, our coffees mix extremely well with warmed dairy and plant-based milks. So go ahead all lovers of black or white coffees, because this little green bean gives you a big green light.

Gift Hampers

As the Malahide Village marketplace evolves, we intend to serve the Gift Market business space, sourcing a lot of our Gift Hamper components from passionate Artisan producers. Our range will include Birthday Hampers, Christmas Hampers, Anniversary Hampers, Congratulations Hampers, Corporate Hampers, Xmas Hampers and more.

To talk with us about anything at all, you can either click Contact Us or write  to us ; Malahide Village Marketplace, Ashleigh Lawn, Malahide Co. Dublin. Ireland. K36 PH61.

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