About us


Having MalahideVillage.com as the brand carrier, comes with an extraordinary sense of duty to ensure that our products uphold the high standards for which Malahide is so well known, and for which its inhabitants, can forever be proud of. We’re delivering on that.

Malahide itself, for those who don’t know, is a coastal village in of Ireland, 12km North East of Dublin city in Ireland. No matter where you go in the World, anybody who knows of Ireland, invariably knows of Malahide with its famous postcard worthy amenities, famous residents, and famous community spirit. It’s like a quirky desert oasis, where every type of retail offering, and almost every type of sports facility known to man and woman, resides. We feel that we reflect the distinction of that Malahide spirit in our bespoke and artisan Malahide Village collections.

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