Textural coffees


Smooth X is a medium strength brew, holding notes of fruity mandarin, and occasionally evoking a milk caramel aroma, depending on its concentration. It presents with a medium body and bright acidity, which is a standout feature of its flavouring.

KICK is a medium-strong brew, maintaining the signature soft Oh texture, whilst kicking with subtle citrusy notes of dark choc.

DECAFé  is a Medium roast DECAFFINATED coffee made from the Bourbon cherries of Brazil. Solid bodied but maintaining our signature Soft Texture, this coffee has a lovely flow, whilst holding subtle notes of caramel choc. 

The textural state of these coffees holds the added bonus of mixing seamlessly with both warmed dairy, and plant-based, milks. These are extraordinarily smooth coffees blends by tenderising luxury cherries. Flash chilled, rolled and sweated … Rinsing and repeating the process, plus a little secret sauce in the recipe, delivers these super-soft textured brews. 

Unlike many coffees, this Artisan process involves roasting in a small 12kg machine, ensuring that all of the cherries benefit from an equally balanced attention, which guarantees that every batch achieve its signature super smooth textured result.

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