A Single Origin coffee, and unlike many others, this Artisan process involves roasting in a small 12kg machine, ensuring that all of the cherries benefit from an equally balanced attention, which guarantees that every batch achieves their super smooth textured result.

This coffee arrives to you in Ground style, and ready for your filter, French press or cafetière.

Medium to strong roast.  Solid bodied but maintaining our signature Soft Texture. This coffee has a lovely Kick, whilst holding notes of chocolate & summer citrus fruits. 

The blends' very soft textural state is the result of our recipe process which sweats coffee cherries at an unusually cool temperature, and for a very long time. The Lower & Slower cooking recipe also amplifies flavour retention.

Origin ; 1450 meters in the Huehuetenango region of Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes in the South-Western region of Guatemala. At that height, the cherries have evolved to keep everything in, particularly flavour. 

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How to brew a Luxuriously Textured Malahide Village coffee.

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